Race to Make Adoption an Option  CIMG2371346 Days. That is how long we got to know, love and care for our little Kael here on this earth. His life was much too short, but we are SO blessed to love him. God changed our lives when he brought Kael into our lives, and God changed our lives when He took Kael to heaven. Kael’s life has brought so much Glory to God and we want to continue that in any way we can.  God is using his life to continue to change lives. Though we will never know the full extent of what God is doing with Kael’s life for others, we want to continue to be a part of it.  Please join us in remembering Kael’s life and helping God’s children find families that will love them and teach them about God. Every child deserves to be loved no matter how long they are on this earth.

So how did this race idea come up? One thing we love to do is run, and we spent several afternoons in 2010 running with our boys in our jogging stroller.  Both the boys loved being outside and taking stroller rides.  One day in May 2011, I was running and God had put on my mind several times to set up a race in Kael’s name to help honor his memory and do good for someone or something.  That morning, as I ran, I asked God, “What do you want DSC_0141me to do with this idea?”  Then He answered me, “I gave Kael parents who love him and took care of him. I want you to help the children I have already put on this earth have loving parents too. Use this race to help families who want to adopt and love children.”  So that is our mission and what we will do with the money we raise during this race.  We hope and pray for God to do His Will through this race and that we can help many children find families that will love them and teach them to follow God.

The proceeds and donations from the Kael Man 5k will help benefit families who want to adopt children by providing financial grants to help assist in the financial cost of the adoption process.  Grants will be awarded to families who complete an application process.  We have partnered with the non-profit organization Kingdom Cares International to make donations tax deductible.

  • Did you know – “Adoptions can cost between $4,000 to $30,000+ depending on the adoption type”? (courtesy of adoption.com)